“I had the pleasure of working with Mark at the very beginning of the CGI revolution. He is a passionate yet meticulous artist. His excellent communications skills have helped him progress to a well earned supervisory position. In an industry of thousands... Mark was one of the original few that made this all happen. I fully expect Mark to be my boss someday.. I look forward to working with him again.”

Ron Thornton , President/CEO , Foundation Imaging



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“Mark has always been a consummate professional in the field of visual effects. A detail oriented artist himself, he carries a confident air about him that can make a team working with him feel at ease. He has supervised a wide range of projects and has proved to be very adaptable to this very organic and challenging business.”

John Parenteau , Owner/VFX Supervisor , Digital Muse

“I have worked with Mark on several projects in the position of Sr. Animator and thing that impressed me the most was his diligence in executing complex project briefs. He always been our first go to guy when we have tight time constraints and difficult executions. His attention to detail is impeccable and his unflappable manner is invaluable when the going gets tough. On top of that, he is an all around great guy to have around, we enjoy his company immensely. I highly recommend him.”

Milt Alvarez , Executive Producer/ G.M. , Planet Blue

“Mark has worked on several projects for S4 Studios and has pulled through many a late night with no complaints and an excellent work ethic. He's very organized in terms of work flow, team creation and is extremely collaborative. He's first on my list when we have a new project.”

Top qualities: Personable , High Integrity , Creative

Geoffrey Kater Co-Owner/Producer , S4 Studios, LLC

“Mark was a great lead who was not only knowledgeable but personable as well. He did an excellent job managing our team under our insane deadlines on Battle 360 and without him it would have been nearly impossible to complete the job on time. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Mark and I would not only jump at the opportunity to work with Mark again, but I would recommend him for any visual effects project.”

Chris Peterson , Generalist , Radical3D

“Mark is an excellent show lead who is very good about getting the material that I need for my team to do their jobs. He is good at inspiring the team and keeping us all updated with the other department's statuses. On top of all of his management abilities he is a very talented Effects Artist who understands what needs to get done and how to accomplish the task.”

Jon Gourley , Lead Modeler , Radical 3D

“Mark was a pleasure to work with. A brilliant trouble shooter that comes up with awesomely simple solutions to complex problems. Aside from being a very competent artist, Mark is also a very fun and witty person to have in the studio. I highly recommend Mark and look forward to working with him again in the future.”

Adam Chiplinsky , CG Animator , Radical 3D